Meet Bug – Special Needs

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Hi! My name is Bug – Special Needs and I'm

Breed Age Size Gender
Domestic Short Hair Mix 7 Months 6lbs Spayed Female

Hello! My name is Bug and I have quite the story since arriving at CAHS back in the spring! I came to the shelter at just 4 weeks old as one of 7 kittens. When all the kittens arrived at the shelter we were sick with upper respiratory infections, all of us were quickly started on meds and made improvements! My siblings stayed healthy but I ended up getting sick again, I was the smallest of the group so staff here figured I just needed extra time and meds to kick the URI. I did get better but then would quickly get sick again, I was sent to a foster home with hopes that being out of the shelter and on meds would be what I needed to finally be healthy. When the URI came back I was sent to see another vet at a hospital that could run more tests. Staff here suspected I had a Nasal Polyp which is very rare in kittens, during my visit to the vet however, no polyp was discovered but a deep inner ear infection was. I was treated for the infection and during my recheck exam the vet found I did in fact have a Polyp but it was deeper back in the nasal passage and closer to the ear making it impossible to reach and remove like a typical Nasal Polyp. I was started on more antibiotics and a steroid to help control the size of the Polyp and that was just the trick I needed to finally sound like I wasn’t so congested. The steroids I am on is not a long term fix and I will require a surgery to remove the Polyp once and for all!

I am a very playful kitten and I have a TON of energy, who could blame me though I have been at the shelter since I was 4 weeks old! I can be a bit rough with other cats when I play so I am not everyone’s favorite. I have seen dogs here at CAHS but don’t have much experience up close and personal with one. I would do best in a home with older cat-savvy kids as I can be rough when I play.

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