Conway Area Humane Society

Meet Lakitu!

Gender Male
Age 8 months 4 weeks
Available Since May 24, 2023

Meet Lakitu, the charming rat ready to steal your heart! With his striking looks and inquisitive nature, Lakitu is a joy to behold. Although he relishes gentle pets, he remains a bit cautious around humans, often showing his shy side. Therefore, he would thrive in a rat-experienced household where his new family can patiently assist him in developing his comfort with handling.

Lakitu craves mental stimulation and delights in exploring new horizons. An ideal home for Lakitu would be one that offers ample opportunities for enrichment, challenging his intelligent mind. A spacious environment would allow him to roam freely and satisfy his natural curiosity.

Lakitu was fortunate to arrive with his buddies Luigi, Toad, and Mario. He shares a special bond with them and would be overjoyed to find a forever home alongside one of his companions. Alternatively, he would also thrive in a home that already has a male rat, providing him with the much-needed companionship he craves.

If you’re seeking a rat companion who possesses both charm and curiosity, Lakitu is the one for you. Help him embark on a new chapter filled with love and understanding.

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