Conway Area Humane Society

Meet Luigi!

Gender Male
Age 8 months 4 weeks
Available Since May 24, 2023

Introducing Luigi, the delightful young rat in search of a loving home! Luigi is undeniably sweet-natured, but his timid disposition often takes center stage. As such, he eagerly awaits an experienced rat-loving family who can assist him in building his confidence and trust with handling.

Luigi is a brainy fellow who craves mental stimulation. Providing him with an environment rich in enrichment opportunities will keep his curious mind engaged and satisfied. Additionally, ample space to explore will allow Luigi to venture freely and discover new territories.

Upon arriving at our shelter, Luigi found solace in the company of his dear friends Mario, Toad, and Lakitu. The camaraderie he shares with them is truly special, and he would be thrilled to join a forever home with one of his buddies. Alternatively, a household that already houses a male rat would be a perfect fit for Luigi, as it would offer him the companionship and support he needs to acclimate to his new surroundings.

If you’re seeking a kind-hearted rat companion who simply needs a little extra patience and understanding, Luigi is the perfect match for you. Embrace the opportunity to guide him on his journey of growth and love.

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