Conway Area Humane Society

Meet Mario!

Gender Male
Age 8 months 4 weeks
Available Since May 24, 2023

Introducing the delightful Mario, the rat with a charming personality! Mario loves to stretch and proudly display his adorable belly. With his innate curiosity, he’s always ready to embark on new adventures. However, Mario can be quite shy, making a rat-experienced home the ideal match for him. A family that is dedicated to working on his handling skills will help him overcome his shyness and blossom into a confident companion.

Mario’s active mind craves constant stimulation and enrichment. A home that provides ample opportunities to exercise his clever brain will keep him engaged and content. Furthermore, a spacious environment will allow Mario to explore to his heart’s content, satisfying his natural inclination for discovery.

Mario arrived at our shelter alongside his loyal friends Luigi, Toad, and Lakitu. The camaraderie they share is extraordinary, and Mario would be overjoyed to find a forever home alongside one of his pals. Alternatively, a household with an existing male rat would be a fantastic fit for Mario, providing him with the companionship he longs for while adjusting to his new family.

If you’re seeking a rat companion with a charming personality, Mario is the one for you! Embrace the opportunity to guide him on his journey towards confidence and love, and experience the joy of a lifelong bond with this lovable little rat.

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