Conway Area Humane Society

Meet Sterling!

Breed Terrier, Pit Bull/Mix
Gender Male
Age 6 years 1 month
Weight 58.4 lbs
Available Since August 11, 2023

I’m Sterling, the beloved long-time resident here at CAHS! I radiate happiness, energy, and love, despite having special needs that have caused me to be overlooked. You see, I have Dilute Alopecia, which means my gray patches lack fur growth compared to my white ones. On top of that, I contend with skin and food allergies, necessitating a special diet and allergy medication to keep me at my best. Don’t be surprised if you see me sporting stylish T-shirts and coats – they’re my armor against the outside world that can be harsh on my sensitive skin. But let me tell you, I’m an outdoors enthusiast at heart! I relish walks, swimming, and all those wonderful activities that any dog enjoys.

My intelligence shines through, as I’ve mastered basic commands like sit, stay, and down. And here’s a secret: I’m utterly motivated by food and thrive on learning and being challenged.

The ideal home for me would be one where I’m the sole furry companion, surrounded by adults or older teenagers who truly grasp my unique requirements and are ready to provide the care I need. If you’re looking for a loyal and affectionate friend who’s eager to share a life of adventure and learning, I’m your perfect match!

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