Conway Area Humane Society

Meet Toad!

Gender Male
Age 8 months 4 weeks
Available Since May 24, 2023

Allow me to introduce you to the dashing Toad! With his striking appearance and undeniable charm, Toad is a handsome lad who appreciates the joy of gentle pets. However, his nerves often get the best of him, making it essential for him to find a rat-experienced home. A family that is dedicated to working on his handling skills will bring out the best in Toad and help him build confidence.

Toad possesses a brilliant mind, yearning for mental stimulation and enrichment. A home that provides abundant opportunities to exercise his clever brain will keep him engaged and content. Moreover, having ample space to explore will allow Toad to satisfy his natural curiosity and venture into new realms.

Toad arrived at our shelter alongside his dear companions Luigi, Mario, and Lakitu. They share a strong bond, and Toad would be thrilled to find a forever home with one of his friends. Alternatively, a household that already includes a male rat would be a wonderful match for Toad, as it would offer him the companionship and support he needs to adjust to his new family.

If you’re seeking a rat companion who combines both beauty and nervous charm, Toad is the perfect fit for your home. Join him on his journey of growth and help him blossom into a confident and loving companion.

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