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Why You Should Adopt an FeLV+ Cat

The world has not always been kind to cats. Cats with feline leukemia (FeLV+) are a sad example of this. As a result of many myths and misconceptions, they face lower adoption rates. Fortunately, adopting an FeLV+ cat is an incredibly safe and rewarding experience.

Feline leukemia (FeLV+) is a virus that is contagious among other cats. It causes a weakened immune system which can leave its victims susceptible to other illnesses and early death if they don’t receive protection and care. FeLV+ was discovered in 1964 after scientists investigated a rash of mysterious mass cat fatalities. When it was discovered that the virus was contagious, humans became hysterical. Beloved family cats were cast onto the streets, causing more cats to contract the illness and many premature deaths.

Science has debunked the myths of feline leukemia. Latest research shows just how adoptable these lovable kitties are. Humans and other animals cannot contract feline leukemia. A little love goes a long way. FeLV+ cats who are kept indoors, receive consistent medical care and eat nutritious diets will live long, fulfilling lives.

Do you have what it takes? Ideal owners of cats with feline leukemia live in a home without any other cats (dogs and other pets are purrfectly okay!). Additional FeLV+ cats can make great buddies, too. If you can cover the cost of regular vet visits, assure that your kitty will remain indoors only, and are able give your kitty a life filled with love, you meet the criteria for giving a great life to a kitty in need.

Consider adopting a FeLV+ cat today. Give the gift of a loving home to a deserving furry friend in need.

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