Conway Area Humane Society

CAHS Embarks on Lupine Texas Transport Trip

Just two weeks shy of Valentine’s Day, the Conway Area Humane Society (CAHS) will embark on a heartfelt 4,000 mile journey to give twenty-nine puppies a second chance at life. While the Lupine Texas Transport Trip may sound like an extreme expedition, animal transports are a significant component of CAHS’ lifesaving work. Shelters in the southern United States lack space to care for stray animals and always need to find places to send them for adoption. Normally CAHS would be using a third party transport service to make this delivery, but since the pandemic started these third party trips have been severely diminished.

Lupine Pet Collars is making this transport possible. Lupine has generously donated $1000 to save the lives of these dogs. CAHS needs to raise an additional $4000 to cover the remaining costs of this rescue trip. Expenses include cost of the rescue pups, veterinary care, fuel, van maintenance, and overnight lodging for the trip so our drivers can be well rested to drive our new dogs home. Please consider donating to this mission on our website. After a veterinary visit on the 8th to get spayed/neutered and health certified, these puppies will be up for adoption! Visit the CAHS website to download an application to take a new family member home with you.

The Conway Area Humane Society is a nonprofit animal rescue organization that cherishes the human-animal bond. CAHS serves eighteen towns and communities in Mount Washington Valley and beyond to provide educational outreach, programming, and critical support during emergencies. CAHS rescues and adopts out hundreds of animals each year. These efforts are made possible by community members like you.

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