Slumber Yard Partnership


October is National Pet Wellness Month, and getting enough sleep is important for pups – just like humans! We’ve partnered with The Slumber Yard, a website dedicated to helping people get their best night’s sleep, this month to raise money for Conway Area Humane Society. Throughout October, 50% of dog bed sales will be donated to CAHS!

Dogs, like people, need good quality sleep to stay healthy! Here at CAHS we are “dedicated to promoting animal welfare through rescue, adoption, and education.” Partnering with The Slumber Yard for the month of October is a wonderful opportunity to educate you, our supporters on the importance of a good dog bed for your pup! According to the  American Kennel Club‘s “The importance of a good dog bed” :

  •  A good dog bed supports joint health.
  • Dog beds can be easily cleaned.
  • Your pup needs a place to relax that’s their own.
  • A good dog bed Ensures better sleep.

So join us for the month of October to learn all you can about the benefits of a good dog bed from us and The Slumber Yard.  To learn more about The Slumber Yard and 6 of the best dog beds for your dog use the links below!

The Best & Affordable dog beds

The 6 Best Dog Beds

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