Conway Area Humane Society

Snowstorm a First for Southern Pooches

Needless to say, it’s been an underwhelming winter for New Hampshire residents. Our skis and snowmobiles are probably beginning to think we have forgotten about them! For our southern rescues, however, life could not be any more exciting. Did you know that Conway Area Humane Society never shuts down? We need to stay staffed, even on snow days. During our one significant snowstorm of December, CAHS operated on a skeleton crew of three people: our new Animal Caretaker Savannah, Administrative Assistant Elizabeth, and Executive Director Tim Westwig. These heartfelt heroes braved the snowy streets to make sure our animals were cared for. Gordon T. Burke & Sons plowing made sure we could get in our parking lot. Tim brought Dunkin Donuts and Subway for the crew, and did all the shoveling upon arrival. Tim also took it upon himself to walk all of the dogs! Many of our current canines are new to New England from the south and had never seen the snow before. It was a memorable moment as these hilarious hounds bumbled through snow, discovering winter for the first time in their lives!
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