Conway Area Humane Society

Meet Lucky and Breezy from Conway, NH

I have adopted two wonderful family members from Conway Area Humane Society! I first adopted Lucky, a senior cat looking for a hospice home. I definitely have a soft spot for older, long haired, slightly disheveled cats, and Lucky fit that bill perfectly! When I adopted her she needed to be on medication because she is hyperthyroid and hypertensive. Since she had untreated hypertension for so long it led to retinal detachment and blindness; sometimes she needs a little help finding her litter box, but we don’t mind giving her all the help she needs! Even with all her health issues she still loves to be pet and snuggle on the couch with her people. She has been with us for about two and half years now and still eats like a champ and finds her favorite sunny napping spots. We are so happy we could give Lucky a safe, loving space to live out the rest of her life.
Like many people we found ourselves home more because of Covid, so we thought it would be the perfect time to add a new dog to our family. We were looking for someone who would be good with our current senior dog, our cats, and our bunnies. When we saw Breezy it was love at first sight. She was so polite when meeting all of her new furry family members and made herself right at home almost instantly; she has helped put so much pep in our old dog’s step, we couldn’t be happier for all of the life, love, and excitement she has brought to our home. We have done a lot of training and obedience with her and she loved every minute of her classes – she even completed her Canine Good Citizen test this summer! She has been with us for about nine months now and we cannot imagine our lives without her, she brings a smile to our faces everyday and just brings our family so much joy. We can’t thank the Conway Area Humane Society enough for bringing these two wonderful pets into our lives!

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