Conway Area Humane Society


We try to make the adoption process as simple as possible.
Below you’ll find all the information needed when considering adoption.

Why Foster

Consider fostering an animal today! Animal fostering allows community members the opportunity to bring an animal into their home while they await adoption.The benefits of fostering an animal are great. Animals up for adoption get the experience of a warm, loving temporary home while in search for their forever family. Keeping a shelter animal at home can decrease their anxiety, help them become accustomed to having an owner, and help them show better to prospective adopters. Fostering also frees up space in our shelter so we can take in even more homeless animals.

Long Term Fostering

The length of time an animal stays at our shelter varies widely. While puppies and kittens tend to get adopted quickly, for instance, older animals might take longer to find a home. At times, we have animals who require daily medication or specific care that would be best provided in a home setting. We also have animals who would love the opportunity to gain some courage and trust in your loving home before getting adopted permanently. Whether it be a month or more, we have many animals that could benefit from a cozy home to sleep in at night and the consistency of a dedicated caregiver. 

Short Term Fostering

From time to time, CAHS receives animals that may be in need of short term fostering. Recovery from an operation, or response to an unpredicted influx of animals, are two instances in which this may be the case. Opening your heart and your home for a few days can greatly help a furry friend.

Fostering FAQs

What do I need to begin fostering?

The fostering process begins with filling out a volunteer application. We ask that you have a separate room for your cat to stay in if you are fostering a feline. After a home visit, we will set up an appointment for you to come into the shelter to meet an animal in need of fostering. We will provide you with this animal’s history and specific needs. We will also provide you with all the food, bedding, and accessories you will need to take care of your foster animal. We provide any medication, if applicable. In the event of needing medical care, we will arrange and cover their visits.

What if someone is interested in seeing or adopting an animal I am fostering?

When a prospective adopter reaches out and is approved for adoption, we will contact you. You will be asked to bring the animal back to CAHS so the prospective adopter can visit the animal. Visits occur at the shelter, not your house. If adopted, the animal goes home with its new owner (but will surely not forget you in their heart). If not, you can continue fostering, if you wish.

Do foster parents qualify for adopting animals they foster?

Absolutely. While there is no expectation that this will be the case, many fosters have been adopted by their foster ‘parents’ in past years.

Is fostering for me?

While fostering is a great way to give back to animals, it is not for everyone. Foster animals work great in safe, loving homes with a somewhat predictable schedule. You need to be patient as they adjust to a new environment. We ask that you keep foster animals indoors only. If you have children or other pets, we would need to make sure the animal you are fostering would be comfortable with them. Finally, we ask that you have a separate, dedicated room for your foster cat to relax in by itself.