Conway Area Humane Society

Meet Abby from Conway, NH

Abby is a great cat! My partner Chris and I decided to foster her to start, and quickly fell in love. We were hesitant to adopt because of Abby’s vision problems. She came to the shelter last summer, and had been adopted in the fall, but was returned once more when she demonstrated behavior problems. Long story short, we were most concerned about how Abby’s lack of vision would affect her happiness in our new home.

She certainly had her crabby moments at first, and would hiss when we touched her right side. Turns out she had to get used to us and take a HUGE leap of faith, as Abby was 100% blind on that side of her body. No wonder why she hissed at first! We are so grateful she grew to trust us. Abby needed several teeth out that were causing her pain. The removal surgery was a lot to get through. She was in pain for a week after, drooled a lot and was not in the best spirits.

With those hurting teeth now removed, and some trust under her belt, Abby is a complete doll. She is a little shadow who loves a lap and a warm spot beside her owners in bed each night. Abby is the best! We hope to always give her a loving home as we all age together, and are prepared to help her if her vision continues to degrade as she gets older. For such a loving cat, loving her back is the least we can do. Thanks CAHS for giving us such a wonderful family member!

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