Meet Abu from Conway, NH

Abu came all the way from Puerto Rico! He was an older gentleman when he was transported to CAHS, his listed age was between 6-9 years old! Older dogs in shelters tend to be looked over so I take a particular interest in the older ones. Abu could definitely be categorized as a grumpy old man to say the least, he was not an appropriate fit for a family with any children and he was picky with his dog friends. Abu was battling quite a severe infection in his mouth, ears, eyes, and skin which could have contributed to his willingness to snap at people. After receiving a dental cleaning with several extractions of infected and broken teeth, a couple courses of antibiotic and ear medication to clear up his infections and a diagnosis of Pannus that I treated to clear up his cloudy eyes he is a much healthier and happier boy! Abu is a very goofy and lovable boy and I couldn’t imagine our home without him, he brings such a great feeling to our home and family! He shares our home with his best friend, Syd, who is a Doberman mix rescued from a different shelter.

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