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Meet Frankie from Cumberland, ME

Meet Frankie AKA Frank AKA Franklin AKA Frank The Tank from Cumberland, ME

Both my wife and I have always had animals (cats and dogs) but up until March of 2020 we did not have a dog – just two rescue cats (Frisco and Monty). We told ourselves our crazy schedule would not allow a dog. Being a board member I constantly see adorable and loving dogs at the shelter. I obviously want all of them but couldn’t bring myself to pull the trigger. However, one day I was filming a video at the shelter for an event and ended up videoing with a dog named Franz. He was the most calm, loving, and well behaved puppy. For some reason I could not get him out of my head – he just had something special to him; little did I know. I went home that night and showed my wife pictures of the dogs from the video taping as I always do and something stuck out at her about Franz. I didn’t think anything about it until a week later when I was in Utah and my wife calls and says “I went to the shelter and Franz jumped in my arms so…I am just going to fill out the application”. I came home from Utah and we had a dog. Well Franz is now Frank AKA Frankie/Franklin/Frank the Tank and he has changed our lives. During COVID Frankie has created a light at the end of the tunnel for so many people. Would you believe me if I tell you that people in our office are mad if I don’t bring Frankie to work?!? Frankie has also been going to a local trainer and what started out as Frankie being trained has turned into Frankie helping other dogs be calm, train, and channel their energy. Sometimes I am worried the trainer might steal Frankie. Remember the part where I could not get Frankie out of my head – I now know that we were not meant to have any other dog at this time; our dog was Frankie. Shortly before Frankie came into our lives my Nana (Diane) passed. Diane was an avid animal lover and only rescued animals just like my mother. It became clear overtime that Frankie was sent by my Nana to us. If you knew my Nana you would know that she was loving, smart, relaxed and fun all in one. If you know Frankie or have seen him this fits him to a tee. Moral of the story is Frankie adopted us.

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