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Meet Luna Faith from Shelburne, NH

I adopted Luna 4 days after my baby Sophie crossed the rainbow bridge. I had planned on waiting longer but just couldn’t handle being without a kitty. I went to the shelter to look at another kitty Uma – but that did not work out. While I was checking out Uma – Luna was rubbing all over my Dad’s legs. I didn’t want another Tuxedo cat – that’s what Sophie was. But – Luna won me over big time. We brought her home and then she refused to eat – for 4 days. I ended up mooshing wet cat food with water and feeding her from a syringe to get her to eat. Took 2 days but then she decided that eating was a good idea – now it’s her favorite thing to do other than sleep on my side. It’s been a year and a half – I still miss Sophie but love Luna to the moon and back (see what I did there?). I did not rescue Luna – SHE rescued me.

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