Conway Area Humane Society

Meet Moose and Minnie from Amherst, NH

Thank you for providing me with 18 years of wonderful companionship. Moose and Minnie are almost 19 years old. They were among Conway Area Humane Society’s first rescues. When I visited CAHS in July 2003, searching for a kitten, a staff member urged me to meet 12 month old brother and sister who had been there 3 months – longer than any animal in the shelter. But I really wanted a kitten. After multiple requests, I agreed to meet Moose and Minnie, who shared a room with no other animals. I walked in and Moose began washing my sandaled feet. His eyes said “I’m yours, and please take my sister Minnie, too.” I could not resist! Their names were Pebbles and Bambam, but I took them home and promptly changed their names. They approved of their new names, and for 18 years they have been delighted with their forever family. Thank you for rescuing vulnerable animals and pairing them with people who love will love and protect them.

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