Conway Area Humane Society

Meet Riley from Gray, ME

Were we looking for a puppy? Ummm….not really, but when Riley’s face popped up on my Facebook feed, it was love at first sight! We have a 15 yr old dog and a 7 yr old dog – the younger one needed a playmate and the older one needed a break! Riley is one of the smartest dogs we have ever owned, being part Border Collie, that is no surprise! She has so much love to give and is a master at snuggling – whether you be human or canine (no snuggles with the cat, however), but she is pretty respectful of the cat…..most of the time. Riley is halfway through her first puppy class and doing great. She will be an agility dog without a doubt – she needs to keep that brain of hers busy!! We were shocked one of the first nights we had her and were all sitting on the couch watching tv, when a dog appeared on the screen and she jumped up and ran towards the tv barking! She really wanted to tell that dog to get out of her house….or play with me…..or herd it…..who knows?! But we need to figure out how to help her understand the critters on the tv screen are not coming into the living room. We are so grateful to have Riley in our lives and can’t thank the wonderful people in Texas and at the Conway Area Humane Society enough, who made it possible – through the rescue efforts, transport and care – they are truly life savers!!
Thank you from the Trofatter family…..which just gained a bundle of love

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