Conway Area Humane Society


Being involved in our community is incredibly important to us.
These are some of the ways we’re involved.

Pet Food Pantry

Life can throw unexpected challenges and we understand that caring for your pet might become difficult at times. We’re here to help! If you find yourself in need of dog or cat food, know that we’ve got your back. Our doors are open to lend a helping hand, judgment-free. We won’t ask any invasive questions because we understand that everyone faces ups and downs. Just give us a call, and we’ll check the availability of pet food for you. We’re here to support you and your pet whenever you need it.

Lost Animal SUPPORT

Many animals jump a fence, bust through a door or just wander away from home.  CAHS provides a safe place for animal control officers and citizens to take stray animals.  The animals are fed and cared for by CAHS until they are either claimed by their owners or adopted.  Stray animals stay in holding for seven days. If unclaimed, become available for adoption after all medical needs are met. 


* Lost a pet? Found a pet? Fill out this form to report now. * Social media is a great second step to take after filling out this form. Check out these local Facebook groups to post your information:

Please microchip and register your pet! The importance of these steps cannot be overstated. Animal care organizations and some law enforcement agencies have the ability to instantly scan a pet to determine their home. All of our adoptable animals come microchipped. If you have questions regarding the microchipping process for pets outside of CAHS, please contact us and we can provide resources. Speaking of resources, check out our blog post on tips to prevent and respond to lost pet scenarios.

Lifelong Friends

Our homeless animals need company, and many seniors could benefit from having someone to love. This program looks to connect senior citizens with senior pets.  CAHS offers this service free of charge and commits to take back the animal if the person is no longer able to care for the pet. 


Conway Area Humane Society is all about education. By teaching our community about animal welfare, we hope to further the compassionate treatment of animals.  CAHS provides educational outreach programs to schools, civic groups and the community in the form of informational talks, school visits, live and virtual events, field trips, after school programs, and more.  Educational topics include:


  • What we do at CAHS
  • Humane treatment of animals
  • Animal rights issues
  • Safety around dogs and cats
  • Animal related careers
  • Animal laws and policies
  • Understanding animal behavior
  • Proper pet care
  • Nutrition and exercise
  • Medical care
  • And more! 

Our programs extend beyond the classroom. CAHS provides support groups for animal owners as well as fun, recreational events that the whole family (furry friends and all) can attend. We extend this work outside of our walls, providing digital access to events and site visits into the community.  

Our new Community Events Enrichment Room, unveiled in 2020, is a prime location for all in-person outreach and livestream broadcasts. From pet photo shoots to engaging fundraisers, and summer camps to children’s story times, the possibilities are endless for this new space. This space will also be a dedicated space for our Junior Board program, a leadership opportunity for young adults in the eighteen communities we serve.

Case Assistance Cruelty

CAHS assists when there are cases of animal cruelty in the area by opening our doors and helping affected animals find the loving homes they truly deserve. We also conduct regional and national transports to rescue animals from outside of our community. These animals may be cruelty case rescues, or may be facing euthanization in other overcrowded shelters. CAHS provides animals in line to be euthanized a second shot at life and a caring forever home.