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Lost Pets: Plan and Prepare

Lost pets - a preventable occurrence!

Lost pets are preventable!

As the weather gets warmer, the possibility of your pet sneaking out the door, jumping a fence or taking an unplanned stroll through the neighborhood increases. CAHS and Lupine Pet want to make sure you set yourself up for success if your pet ever goes missing.


Here are some tips to prevent lost pets. A little planning goes a long way for a successful, safe return:


  • Ensure your pet wears a collar with identification tags at all times. This might seem unnecessary when your pet is indoors, but it becomes vital if your pet escapes. Make sure your identification tag includes the name of your pet and an updated phone number to reach you. You should also list what allergies or medication your pet takes, if applicable.


  • Not all collars are created equal. Choose a durable dog collar that can withstand the elements. Consider cat collars that easily break away if snagged. This prevents your cat from accidentally choking themselves or getting trapped if they get caught on a tree branch or other object. Lupine’s selection of collars fit these specs.


  • Have your pet microchipped. We microchip all adoptions at CAHS. Law enforcement and animal organizations can read this chip with a device and easily obtain information to get your pet back to you. Periodically update your microchip information online. Major life events like moving, marriage or even having children come of a responsible age to care for your pet will necessitate an update. Lost pets remain lost with outdated microchips! Be sure to keep them current.


  • Leave your pets comfy at home. Resist the urge to tie your pet outside of a store when you shop or keep your pet inside of a car while running errands. This decreases safety and increases chance of escape.


  • Spay or neuter your pet. Spayed and neutered pets are much less likely to wander off in search of a mate.


  • Train your dog. Dogs that attend obedience classes are much more able to respond to human direction. This includes yourself and anyone else who might find your pet if they go missing.


  • Have your pet’s stats handy. This includes medical records and an updated image to post on flyers or social media.


  • Secure your home. Make sure your yard is fenced. Fences should be tall enough not to jump over, and buried deep enough in the ground to prevent digging pets from escape.


  • Supervise your pet. Walk your pet outdoors in safe, familiar areas of your neighborhood with low traffic. If you allow your pet to be outside in your yard, watch them. Unfortunately, pets do get stolen from yards. When your pet is at home and you must step out, consider crating them or having a friend stop by to check in on them. Bored pets can come up with some creative ways to escape!


If your pet goes missing, here are some tips to ensure their quick return:


  • Contact authorities. Call your local police department immediately, as well as the Conway Area Humane Society: 603-447-5955.


  • Make a social media post. Make your post public, and upload at least one recent photo. Keep your description short and include helpful information, like where your pet was last seen, and how to approach your pet. Ask friends to share.


  • Create flyers. These can be hung around town after you have contacted local organizations and made a social media post.


  • Search the neighborhood.



  • Don’t give up. Reach out to your friends and family for support. Pets are adventurous and it might take awhile to track them down. They most certainly miss you and are grateful that you are continuing to search.


  • Celebrate. When your pet is found, take a breather! Your pet may be fine after a grand day out – or they may be a bit shaken up. Take some quiet time with them. Offer food, water and love.


  • Update. Be sure to update social media – take down your posts, and update your friends and groups when your beloved pet returns home safely. Thank everyone for their help.


We hope you will never have to navigate an unexpected day without your pet – but if your pet does go missing, we are confident that these steps will bring them back home as quickly as possible.

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