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Planned Giving: A Legacy of Love

Planned giving is the gift that gives for generations.

What legacy do you want to leave behind? Leave behind a legacy of love by including Conway Area Humane Society in your planned giving. Your lasting gift ensures homeless animal rehabilitation and adoption for generations to come. Read on to learn about what planned giving is, and its longterm benefits to yourself and CAHS.


What is Planned Giving? 

The most significant, enduring gifts you will make in your life come through planned giving. Through planned giving, you can examine your assets (everything you own) and choose who will receive these assets over time, or in your passing. In short, planned giving ensures your life assets are left to the individuals and charitable organizations nearest to your heart.


Benefits to Planned Giving

The potential benefits to planned giving are significant, both to our organization and to your own financial health. A few major benefits include:


Making a Targeted Impact: Our work at CAHS is far reaching. Our shelter gives homeless animals a second chance at life and love. We provide lifesaving medical care, personalized support and unparalleled adoption services. As the only animal shelter serving 18 towns surrounding Mt. Washington Valley, we host community programs and support pet owners in times of crisis. We grow over 650 families each year through adoptions, leaving lives forever changed with the a new, beloved pet.

Donors keep our doors open in all of this work. Donations can be directed to an immediate need, or to our general fund. Planned giving allows individuals the chance to detail exactly how their money should be spent to help support our animals. Dream of helping us build a new dog kennel, or enhance our education offerings? No dream is too big. Planned giving allows you complete control over how your gift is allocated, and the specific impact it will have.


Tax Advantages: Tax benefits are a significant advantage to making a planned giving arrangement, and can even help you best navigate Medicare and Social Security regulations. Such benefits can be a real no-brainer. Please consult a tax advisor for guidance.


Minimal Planning: Planned giving is extremely important in creating a legacy that outlives you – and in the hands of a qualified advisor, planned giving is a piece of cake.Please consult a financial advisor or estate planner for specific details and advisement. A reputable professional can easily guide you in the right direction.


For more information on planned giving, please contact our Executive Director, Tim Westwig via email or at (603) 447-5955.


Thank you for helping save the lives of countless animals today and tomorrow.

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