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Meet Samantha & Roxy (adopted a year apart in 2011 & 2012) from Madison, NH

We were looking to adopt a dog in early 2011 after our dog, Bear, passed after 15 wonderful years. I visited the shelter and Samantha was there- she was one of the dogs on the first rescue flights from Texas to come to CAHS. She was very mellow so seemed so sweet. The dogs were all in quarantine for about a week after the trip so we were not able to meet Sam that day. We went back a week later and discovered that Sam was anything but mellow but she was so funny and playful. I love to run on trails and I found I needed to take Sam out for a run each day with her being a high energy Black and Tan Coonhound mix.

A year later we decided that it would be good to get Sam a companion. We spent multiple trips to CAHS trying to find a compatible match but Sam was not interested in the first few dogs. One of the women at the shelter told us a week later that they were getting in some good runners from Georgia including some Plott Hounds. One of them was Roxy. Her and Sam met in the side play area at the shelter and immediately hit it off. The people at CAHS were so helpful in guiding us to get the right dog to compliment Sam.

On the very first day Roxy was home, Sam and Roxy went for a trail run with me on a double waist leash and it was like they were long lost sisters. Now, we often have people ask if they came from the same litter because they are so well bonded. Here it is now, 10 years since we first got Samantha and the joy that she and Roxy have both brought into our lives is just so incredible.

We couldn’t be more happy with both of our adoptions through CAHS.

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