Conway Area Humane Society

CAHS and For Your Paws Only Donate Pet Food to Local Pantries

Are you afraid of affording pet food at this time, or know someone who is? COVID-19 has had a severe economic impact on the world, creating housing and employment instability. Unfortunately, the Valley is no exception to this trend. CAHS recognizes its mission to help our human and animal community in its most challenging times of need.

This month, CAHS partnered with For Your Paws Only to place a $2500 order of pet food at wholesale cost. For Your Paws then stepped up to give us an additional $1250 towards this effort! Thank you to Brian and Kathy, and all their staff members for making this happen. Thank you to Midwestern Pet Food for this generous donation!

We ended up with over 3,450 pounds of Pro Pac pet food to distribute to families in need. We made our first delivery of over 1,000 lbs to the Vaughan Community Services Food Pantry on December 9th. If you are in need for food for your pet, dog or cat, please reach out to them. If you find yourself in crisis and cannot take care of your pet, please reach out to the Conway Area Humane Society so we can help through our Safe Haven Program.

Donation Details:

Pro Pac Order Total: $3,748.21

Cat Food: Chicken and Fish, 76 bags, $988.68

Dog Food: Chicken or Lamb, 177 bags, $2759.53

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