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Grinch Adopts Puppy at CAHS, Just in Time for Christmas!

Apparently the spirit of the season can inspire everyone – even the most unlikely of characters. After the Grinch posed with our pooches at last month’s holiday pet photo shoot, he decided to bring one of our adoptable puppies home with him for good.

What may seem like a heartwarming turn of events actually entailed a bit of planning. Ben Jones, the man behind the Grinch costume, visited our website the night before the event with his fiancé, Megan Vitters. While on our site, Ben and Megan both fell in love with a young pup named Lunchbox. They ended up photographing Lunchbox at CAHS the next day, and knew right away that it was meant to be. After the photo shoot ended, they added another family member to their pet-filled home.

Since being adopted, Lunchbox has been renamed Samwise. Samwise has been given a true Christmas miracle: two owners who adore him, and a house full of animal friends. Instead of living at a shelter, he will now spend his days emBARKing on adventures with Brian, a five-year-old dog who lost one of his eyes to glaucoma when he was two, and three guinea pigs: Neville, Newt, and Blaize. As of last week, Samwise is reportedly adjusting well to his new home. He is even encouraging Brian to play more, which is understandable – how can you NOT be more playful with a good puppy pal by your side?

Ben and Megan both grew up in the area and have known about CAHS their entire lives. Megan’s current employer, Petsmart, often donates items to CAHS. Being such an animal loving family, we know this is not the last we will see of Lunchbox and the gang. We encourage Ben, Megan and all CAHS adopters to stay connected to the shelter by subscribing to our newsletter, reading our blog, and following our Facebook page for community events and updates.

Do you want a Lunchbox of your own? Consider adopting one of our very worthy animal friends today.

Lunchbox, now Samwise, and Brian became lifelong buds after a Christmas miracle adoption. Consider creating a forever home today!
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