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Adorable Shelter Sweetheart Finds Fated Home

Shelter dog Eros finds forever home

It was a week shy of Valentines Day, and Conway Area Humane Society staff had no clue why Eros the dog was not yet adopted. Eros had been a resident of the Conway Area Humane Society for nearly two months. While not completely uncommon to have an animal stay at our shelter for several months, this dog was clearly a catch. His joy served as a beam of sunshine, warming the hearts of staff every day.


Understanding Ero’s backstory made his happy-go-lucky temperament even more unbelievable. A rescue from Puerto Rico, he was found roaming the streets with a large, heavy chain embedded in his neck. Ero’s acclimation to shelter life in New Hampshire was uneventful. From day one, he brought his high-spirited energy to every human that was graced with his presence.


Word began circulating about this amazing pup. Eros was featured in a newsletter contest in which readers voted for Shelter Sweetheart. Eros stole the show, winning the most votes. Eros also prompted a Facebook post by animal care staff questioning why he had not yet been adopted. With a sweet little face and pleasant disposition, it was a mystery why he had not yet found his home.


“He hadn’t been adopted because he was waiting for me.”


When a friend forwarded Ero’s Instagram post to Susan Spearin of Lancaster, Susan knew it was fate. Susan’s beloved beagle died at the end of January. Although initially hoping to wait before adopting a new companion, the urge to start looking for her family’s next dog grew steadily by the day. Susan’s longing created the perfect timing for Eros to step into her life. The fact that Eros was from Puerto Rico made the situation even more serendipitous. Susan’s relatives trace back to this land.


“Clearly something awful happened to him, but you’d never know it. There is so much room in his heart for love and forgiveness.” Eros’ sweetheart nature made his name (Greek god of love) fitting.  Eros immediately acclimated to his new home, suffering no hard feelings from his previous life. Upon arriving at Susan’s residence, he curled up on the couch.


Eros’ tail reportedly never stops wagging, and he loves being the center of everyone’s attention. Susan’s husband and 12-year-old son have grown accustomed to Ero’s joyful energy. Their former beagle was older, and much more of a couch potato. Susan’s son is having an incredible time playing fetch and roughhousing. Eros will nestle up beside Susan each night, snug against her hip.


Although Eros is a true love bug, quirky aspects of his personality exist. “You have to be patient. Shelter animals have to learn to be pets.” This tropical dog is not always a fan of the cold. Outdoor play includes intermittent shivers and visits to the carport to warm his tiny feet on the carpet. Although he is two years old, he still plays like a puppy and has to learn not to nip.


Susan encourages the community to ‘adopt, don’t shop’ and asks adopters to consider the benefits of adult animals. Puppies may be enticing, but older dogs come with perks of their own. They are often easier to deal with and have lots of love to give.


The timing was right for love, as it often is. Eros has a lot of love to give. Clearly, he is truly appreciative of all the love he is now getting back. Susan anticipates many years of family memories that include Ero’s sweet smiling face. Certainly Eros is hoping for the same.


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