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Last Minute Lifesaving Donation for 10 Puppies

Conway Area Humane Society is fortunate to have a generous community of supporters who help us save hundreds of lives each year. Last week, we posted a plea on Facebook to help us rescue ten puppies from Mississippi and Arkansas. We needed a last minute $2,000 to complete this trip. Fortunately, a community member by the name of Robin Clark came to the rescue. We wanted to take a moment to thank Robin for stepping up to the challenge and donating the funds we needed to save these lives.


When reaching out to Robin, it was clear that this Florida resident intimately understood the plight of homeless animals in the south. Robin’s eyes were opened wide when first arriving down south in 2009. She quickly learned about how overrun shelters were, and chose to take action. For many years she was involved with Big Dog Ranch Rescue, a busy rescue facility in Loxahatchee, Florida. This organization was created in response to overcrowding in southern shelters.


Animals in many southern shelters typically have 72 hours to become adopted. If not adopted, they must be put down to make room for a constant influx of homeless pets. Rescues such as Big Dog Ranch provide a last chance rescue opportunity for animals that would be put down under these circumstances.


Robin will be returning to her summer home in NH this March, and will be relocating to Texas next December. She intimately understands that shelters in both Florida and Texas have their hands full with so many dogs in need. Robin knows that transports like those performed by Conway Area Humane Society allow these animals a second shot at life and the ability to find a loving family.

In addition to Robin’s last minute lifesaving donation, she also graced us with compliments. She described our work at Conway Area Humane Society as admirable. She understands firsthand how emotionally heartbreaking but also emotionally heartwarming shelter work can be! Robin thanked us for working to save lives, educate others, and make the world a better place for so many animals in need. We thank her today for these very same reasons.

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