Conway Area Humane Society

Robert Frost Students Support CAHS

Robert Frost students discuss pet problems in the Valley.

This Monday, CAHS visited the Robert Frost Charter School to discuss the problems and needs of homeless animals and pet owners in our community. Ms. Randall’s class, along with Teacher Assistant Mr. Hanson, discussed the many difficult situations our shelter faces, and how to best respond to them. Students used compassion and critical thinking to brainstorm ways to help create safe and loving solutions for pet housing issues, animal health concerns, behavioral challenges and more. We shared stories of our own pets (from dogs to bunnies and more!). Everyone agreed that companionship and compassion are important gifts in life.

Our shelter is excited for this enthusiastic group of students to help us during our May Pet Food Drive. We can’t wait to see how they decide to help our shelter, and also support this important event. We also cannot wait for their visit to the shelter later this month. For listeners who may not know, this year’s pet food drive will benefit families in need. All donations will stock our Pet Food Pantry, which is open to any families in need.

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