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Texas Puppies Find Fabulous Family

Conway Area Humane Society understands the joy – and frustration – of raising puppies.

Although sweet and adorable, puppies require an abundance of time, patience, and consistency to grow into healthy companions. The work is significant, and totally worth it. When adopting puppies out into the community, our staff adoption counselors aim to find owners who demonstrate patience. The also look for individuals who understand the time commitment needed to help puppies grow into happy, confident adults. With our most recent transport of 30 Texas puppies to CAHS, our adoption team was busier than ever looking for adopters who fit the bill – an appreciation of both cuteness and commitment.


Amanda Knudsen had been on the prowl for a new puppy for quite some time. She had completed adoption applications at several shelters in preparation for that perfect match. After viewing our Lupine Texas Transport posts on Facebook and Instagram, she reached out directly to us to make sure her application had been received. Staff then reached out to schedule a shelter visit.


Amanda’s visit to CAHS was full of excitement and suspense. A pup Amanda later named Paisley immediately caught her eye. Paisley was not only beautiful, but well-mannered. A second pup, later named Noodle, showed his adorable, playful side, sparking the attention of both Amanda and her daughter Nevaeh, who also attended the visit. As Amanda waited to speak to CAHS staff, she noticed another family considering Paisley. Her heart sank – but thankfully not for long. The other family decided on another puppy, giving Amanda and Nevaeh the opportunity to play with Paisley. Playing with both Paisley and Noodle sealed the deal – they would be adopting two puppies that day, not just one.


After a doggie meet and greet with Amanda’s other dogs, Daisy and Graham Cracker, both Amanda and Nevaeh met with animal care staff to carefully consider the finances, responsibilities and commitment that would come with owning not one, but TWO puppies! After coming to an agreement on the level of responsibility this new adventure entailed, they successfully brought home two bundles of joy.


Amanda reports that both Paisley and Noodle are thriving in their new nome. Not only do they snuggle in bed at night, but they play hard during the day. Potty training is progressing nicely. Daisy fell in love with both puppies at first sight, and it took Graham Cracker about a week to lose any fear he had towards these two balls of energy. Niklaus, Amanda’s one year old kitten, appreciates Paisley’s quietness, but shies away when Noodle gets vocal. Both dogs will start training classes this month, and have become accustomed to grooming, shopping trips and lots of photo ops!


Amanda, ever the responsible pet owner, offers advice for potential dog adopters: take time to learn about your potential dog’s personality. Although her family initially began their puppy search with  specific breeds and sizes in mind, the search ended with a careful exploration of temperament and a best fit for existing family dynamics. We wish the best for this dynamic animal loving family as their family grows – not only in size, but in memories and love.

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