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A Vote for Jimmy is a Vote for Homeless Animals

Vote for Jimmy Gardner, animal lover and Mt. Washington Valley Mister contestant!

Vote for Jimmy!

On March 1st, eleven nominees were announced for the annual Mount Washington Valley Mr. Pageant. Each nominee will compete at a virtual live event on March 21st. Before this date, they will fundraise for a nonprofit of their choice, and the winning contestant will also receive $500 to donate to their chosen organization. Each vote from the community will go towards a chosen candidate’s potential win.


Within a few short days, Jimmy Gardner’s fundraising page for the Conway Area Humane Society had twice as many donations than any other pageant nominee. Inquiring minds wanted to know – what led him to choose us as his nonprofit? And why should we vote for Jimmy? In learning more about this aspiring Mister, one fact became clear: Jimmy Gardner gets commitment to one’s community.


A resident of Conway since the age of five, Gardner adores the changing seasons but dislikes the bitter cold. Regardless, he remains, committed to his lifelong home. When considering his love for Mount Washington Valley, Jimmy appreciates that everyone pulls together during hard times. Whether it be fundraising, or support during a family emergency, he has seen our community help each other through hardship time and time again. When nominated for this award, Jimmy immediately saw this as an opportunity to give back to the community he loves so much. His choice of Conway Area Humane Society came without hesitation. CAHS also supports neighbors in times of need. From dedicated staff to a strong force of volunteers, everything Jimmy has come to know about CAHS over the past two decades proves its dedication to helping both animals and humans through challenging times. Gardner has also befriended many adopted shelter animals through the years. The difference these animals have made in the lives of Valley residents is incredible to him.


What else is Jimmy fully committed to? Elvis. No, not the musician – the dog! Years ago, on a trip to Florida with some coworkers, Jimmy stumbled upon his spirit animal, a tiny chihuahua puppy that refused to let Jimmy pass on the opportunity to bring him home. Two chance encounters with this tiny creature sealed the deal and soon enough, he was Jimmy’s new pet. Jimmy flew Elvis back to New Hampshire, his tiny new crate carefully safely secured underneath an airplane seat. Elvis, now fourteen years old, is yet another testament to Jimmy’s endless devotion. Tiny Elvis shares Jimmy’s love of warmer climates. As an adorable elder, Elvis still weathers the Valley’s frigid winter temps like a champ, but does not take one moment of summer warmth for granted, lounging in sunbeams for days on end. Clearly, his father’s own personal fortitude has taught Elvis well.


Gardner’s commitment to his lifelong home extends well beyond the decision to hunker down during the winter months with Elvis. An institution himself, Gardner has worked at North Conway’s Moat Mountain Smokehouse and Brewery since the day it opened over two decades ago. He has watched Moat transform through the years, gaining customer momentum and adopting new seating areas over time. As Moat’s General Manager, he is excited to lead their 21st year celebration this summer. He has seen our community’s love for Moat grow, and he is proud and honored to be at the center of it all.


“Animals teach us how to be best friends,” states Jimmy, mentioning how much he supports our shelter’s dedication to adoption. I don’t know about you, but Jimmy Gardner seems to be the epitome of a best (human) friend for Washington Valley residents. Vote for Jimmy today – vote for an incredible, animal loving resident who truly loves our community.

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